Hi there! – A quick behind Nostalgiknit

I see you stumbled upon my website, and you're most welcome! My name is Katja, I'm 26 years old, and I live in the town of Humlebæk, half an hour north of Copenhagen, Denmark; a town probably most known for its world famous modern art museum, Louisiana.

I live on the site of a historic Danish folk high school where boyfriend works, and where we both attended some 6 six years ago – and met each other. Now we live here with our two sibling kittens, Baldur and My, with the forest in our backyard.

Journalist/freelancer/knitwear designer

For the past many years, I have studied at Roskilde University, where I majored this summer in History and Journalism. All the while I have been working with my knitwear alongside the studies, as well as writing journalistic profile pieces for women's magazines and doing communications work for different companies.

Knitting to me is in a way related to some form of nostalgia, hence Nostalgiknit. It's a tradition taught and learned for and perfected by generations, and like so many other crafts it's the essence of calm and quiet and peace of mind.

How I knit

Do I knit other people's designs if I also design my own? Absolutely. Knitting already written pattern is like a little vacation, while designing my own stuff means having to have the pencil ready to jot down all and everything about the design and the pattern details, sizing, yarn etc. What I love most about creating a new design is to just throw myself into it. Grab that skein of yarn and start knitting. No sampling, no nothing (I know, yikes!) Then, sure, unravelling from time to time, but mostly just feeling, seeing, finding out along what works, and what I want it to be in the end.

When not knitting or planning to knit or writing for a women's magazine, I usually watch a favorite tv show, listen to a podcast, or rummage around in my garden.

Here you can find me at my professional journalist website, on Instagram or Facebook and on Ravelry.

If in doubt about a pattern or something else, don't hesitate to contact me at mail@katjaottosson.dk.

Take care!

– Katja, Nostalgiknit

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